Any visit within the protected area of The Galapagos Islands must be accompanied by a naturalist guide authorized by The Galapagos National Park Directorate.

Avoid a bad experience by contracting tourism services and boats authorized to work in proctected areas of The Galapagos Islands.

For your own security, and to ensure the conservation of the unique natural heritage of the islands, please keep to the trails and respect the signs at all times.

Keep a distance of at least 2 meters or 6 feets from animals to avoid disturbing them. Respect their freedom and space.

Galapagos fauna do not need to be fed by humans. Offering them food can affect their health.

Please take pictures and videos without flash to avoid upsetting the animals.

Do not buy any products or souvenirs made from banned materials such as corals, shells, lava rocks, animals and endemic materials. Neither take any of this materials found by you. This is illegal and should be reported to authorities if seen.

Please do not leave traces of your presence on the islands.

Please take the trash with you until you find a suitable place to dispose it.

Motorized aquatic sports, submarines, aerial sports/tourism are not allowed in The Galapagos National Park.

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